I have received a lot of questions about the actual language of Ballot Measure B as well as how will the question be asked on the actual ballot on November 6th and what will be the official “for” and “against” arguments people will see in their voter’s guide. Here is the information that the general public will see and receive in regards to making a decision about “condoms in porn.”

This is how Ballot Measure B will actually look on the voting ballot on November 6th;

Here is a link so that you can download the PDF of the actual language of the law that will be adopted if this ballot measure is approved by the voters on November 6th;


Here are the arguments for and against Ballot Measure B that does/will appear in the Los Angeles County Voter Guide;

Here are the arguments against Ballot Measure B;

And here is a link to download a copy of Los Angeles County Attorney John Krattli’s impartial analysis of the law that will also be in the voter guide;


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