Mia Gold – Condoms Break – Says No on B !

On November 2, 2012, in Op-Ed, by adultbizlaw

Another video from PerformersForChoice.com – Mia Gold says No on B ! She discusses how condoms break…

New starlet Teal Conrad was in favor of Ballot Measure B – until she learned the truth about what it would require. Now she has changed her mind. See other performers that are against Ballot Measure B at PerformersForChoice.com


PerformersForChoice.com Launches ! See the Videos!

On October 11, 2012, in Op-Ed, by adultbizlaw

In conjunction with AVN.com, PerformersForChoice.com just launched. It is a group dedicated to allowing adult entertainers express themselves and their viewpoints on Ballot Measure B – the “Condoms in Porn” law. This law will effect performers more than anyone else in the industry. Those that will be required to wear condoms and dental dams should have the loudest voice in the matter.

It’s their body and should be their choice to use condoms.

Watch all the videos on PerformersForChoice.com. Here is one from Teagan Presley;


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