Third Party Custodian of Record Services

Anyone in adult that produces or publishes adult hardcore content, including clips and live cam shows,  must have listed on their website or DVD cover the address of the Custodian of Records under 18 USC 2257 and 28 CFR 75.1 et. al. Failure to have a proper notice is a felony under federal law and failure to keep the proper identification documents is also a felony.

The name and the address of the Custodian must be listed. You cannot use a PO Box, a mailbox service address or an email address. The address you list must be your company’s principal place of business and be open for an FBI records inspection for 20 hours per week. That address, if you do not have an office or studio, is usually your home address. Most companies and performers do not want to openly list their home address on a website for obviously security concerns. Some do not even want to list their studio address. Anonymity is important to many people in adult.

Luckily, the 2257 regulations allows content producers and publishers to hire an outside company or person to hold their records and act as their Custodian of Records. Which means my name and address is listed on your website not your name or address.

For example, my offices are the Custodian of Records for You can see his 2257 Notice here;

Your records would be kept at my offices on a zip drive ready for any inspection – not online and accessible via the Internet on a database. If your records are online that also means that database can be hacked and your records compromised. We no longer advise clients to use such online services because of that risk.

My office would handle any possibly inquiry from the FBI about your records and represent you during such an inspection, dealing directly with the investigators on your behalf. You do not even need to be present since we are the Custodians. Who would you rather have handling a possible FBI inspection ? An adult industry attorney or someone that runs an online database ?

For more information or to engage our 2257 services, please call our offices or use our email form on our Contact Us page.

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