A satirical look at “safe” porn starring James Deen and Jessica Drake. If Ballot Measure B passes this might be the future of porn !

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Do Not Restrict The Right To Choose!

On October 11, 2012, in Op-Ed, by adultbizlaw

On October 11, 2012 the following article was posted on one of the largest gay dating websites with millions of members through-out the world and tens of thousands of members in Los Angeles County (NSFW http://blog.adam4adam.com/2012/10/health-will-l-a-producers-be-forced-to-wrap-it-up/ ). It was also emailed to more than 700 public health experts in the United States including physicians at the CDC, National Institutes of Health and various county health agencies.

Do Not Restrict Our Right To Choose!


On November 6th the voters of Los Angeles County are going to be asked to decide a ballot measure as to the sexual rights of a small inclusive community within its boarders.

A community that is often misunderstood and rarely given a voice. A community that is publicly shunned and privately enjoyed. A community that has fought for its existence through years of struggles, court battles and legislation.

Those that make up this community only want one thing – the right to choose for themselves how to live and work.

The principle force behind this ballot measure is special interest. A large powerful organization is trying to impose their will on a smaller group that does not want it. This organization does not like the example this community sets for others in the world, especially young people.

You might assume that I am referring to a proposition about gay rights but I am not.

I am referring to Michael Weinstein and AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s attempts to force porn performers in the County of Los Angeles to wear condoms. He wants the Los Angeles County Health Department to enforce a California employee safety law that would require the use of condoms, dental dams and latex gloves for vaginal, anal and oral sex.

Michael Weinstein wants the voters to believe the adult industry in Los Angeles is a cesspool of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. He is playing the fear mongering card that some how if not stopped, the porn industry will infected the rest of Los Angeles. This should be a familiar argument to the gay community.

To compound the misinformation, AHF’s spokesperson on this Ballot Measure is Derrick Burts. Burts claims he contracted HIV while working in the adult entertainment industry. However, he did not contract HIV on-set in Los Angeles. He most likely contracted it on a gay set in Florida where condoms were used or off screen in his private life. AHF is not telling the voters that.

AHF is also not telling the voters that violating Ballot Measure B can land a person in jail for up to 6 months (per incident) and result in thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees.

AHF is also not telling the voters that this law even applies to couples not in the porn industry. The law is so broadly written that even private individuals performing on web cam together will be required to use condoms during their shows.

The industry has regular testing protocols that have keep us safe for the past eight years. There has not been a on-set transmission of HIV since 2004 when five performers were infected by Darren James. Recently, the industry has moved from a 30 day testing cycle to a 14 day testing cycle to further improve performer safety. They have also adopted the Aptima test, highly regarded as one of the most sensitive for HIV detection purposes.

But yet that is not enough for Michael Weinstein, who regards testing as nothing more than surveillance. He wants to use the industry and their product to send a message. He wants to use porn for nothing more than product placement. That message and that product are condoms. Yet, he calls it a worker safety measure.

Instead of government representatives, work place safety experts, physicians and the industry representatives working together to develop a comprehensive plan to protect performers without infringing on the performers and producers’ First Amendment rights, Mr. Weinstein is asking the voters of Los Angeles County to decide worker safety laws. This is unprecedented in California. The public does not vote on the height of scaffolds or the guards on chainsaws.

This is not the first time AHF and Michael Weinstein have pushed for a ballot measure involving mandatory condoms. In 2000, he tried to force West Hollywood to purchase 500,000 condoms and have all the bars and restaurants within the city hand them out to their patrons. AHF’s ballot measure was soundly defeated within his own community.

We as an industry only want the right to decide this issue for ourselves and not have it forced on us. Performers should have the right to choose. They want their sexual rights.

James Deen, male pornstar, might have said it best;

“I endorse safe sex.  I endorse condoms.  I endorse condom use while getting regularly tested with your partners.  This is the entertainment industry.  We choose to create a product that is fantasy driven.  Some of us choose to perform without condoms. These are our choices.  Do not restrict my right as an American, or a human being, to choose.  Please vote no on Measure B.”

We ask those of you living in Los Angeles County to Vote No on Ballot Measure B on November 6th. We ask those with friends in Los Angeles County to call them and ask them to Vote No! Let us have the right to choose!

To learn more about Ballot Measure B please visit;






To download a copy of the ballot measure language click here -> http://adultbizlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/condoms-in-porn-proposed-los-angeles-county-1.pdf

Michael W. Fattorosi is an adult industry attorney located in Los Angeles, California. He has represented straight, transsexual and gay performers in the industry. He has been called the industry’s “Top Porn Attorney” by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. You can read more of his articles on Ballot Measure B at http://www.AdultBizLaw.com or you can follow him on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/pornlaw He welcomes all feedback.

James Deen is an eight year veteran male performer and mainstream actor. You can see him in “The Canyons” co-starring with Lindsay Lohan to be released in 2013. You can read more about him at his website at http://www.JamesDeenBlog.com and follow him on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/jamesdeen

Pornstars James Deen and Satine Phoneix debate condoms in porn and porn vs. art on TakeOut TV. Is porn art ?

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James Deen Speaks Out On Adult Performer Right To Make Choices

On September 21, 2012, in Op-Ed, by adultbizlaw

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various contributors on this web site does not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of AdultBizLaw.com and Michael Fattorosi nor should they be considered legal advice.

Reposted with permission of  james deen. First published on September 21, 2012 at http://jamesdeenblog.com/2012/09/21/james-deen-is-well-add-your-own-key-words/

i did all kinds of press today.  not for me but for this whole condom law that is being voted on soon.  basically there is an organization that is trying to make it mandatory for people to use condoms in porn.  now as you know i am a humongous advocate of safe sex but here is the thing, THERE HAS NOT BEEN A SINGLE HIV TRANSMISSION WITHIN THE ADULT FIM INDUSTRY FOR OVER 8 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

basically there was an issue almost 10 years ago and because of it we put precautions and protocols in place in order to stop it.  AND WE WERE SUCCESSFUL!!!! so here is my issue.  regardless of the amount of tax payer money it will cost in order to even put this 300,000 dollar initiative in place… oh, and that is not including the amount it will cost in addition to that just to try to enforce it.  my issue is that it is a VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!  FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS THE FIRST FUCKING AMENDMENT!!!!!

you can not tell me how to make my movie.  you can not make a federal law telling me what i can and can’t do.  that is ANTI AMERICAN!!!!!!  now i love america and my constitution so FUCK YOU!!!!!!! NOT OK!!!!!!  as far as i am concerned there is no argument that can get through that.  for instance, “performer safety”  BITCH WE ARE SAFE AND ALL CONSENSUAL ADULTS MAKING THE CONSCIOUS DECISION TO DO ADULT FILMS… and… WE HAVEN’T HAD A FUCKING HIV TRANSMISSION IN ADULT FOR OVER 8 YEARS!!!!!!!!!

sex in the real world is way more dangerous and (as you know there are many transmissions of std’s daily) if even one person transmits hiv then it is higher than the adult film industry.  oh, and UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW!!!!!! what other arguments do you got for me??? “porn has a social responsibility to teach safe sex”  BITCH WE DO THAT!!!!! almost every large company invests their money into safe sex campaigns.  they make no money off of this.  they just want to remind people that porn sex is different than real sex and unless you and your partners are getting regularly tested and being safe you should protect yourself.  there are videos before the avn awards shows, in almost every vivid, digital playground, brazzers or wicked dvd.

also, it is not porn’s job to teach people about safe sex.  we do it anyway because we care but remember, porn is entertainment.  that is equivalent to saying “you can’t have car chases in movies because it teaches people to drive irresponsibly”.  want to know what they do to protect themselves?  they put up a written slide saying “don’t try this at home”.  pretty much less than or equal to what we do.  oh yeah.. AND IT IS A CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL LAW!!!!!!!! i believe in letting performers and producers choose if they want to use a condom or not in their movie however this is already done.  and… IT IS AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW!!!!!!  i could go on forever about this but let me say a few more things then i will post pictures and get back to my usual blogs about boobs and burritos.  there is no such thing as safe sex just safer sex.  condom’s help but are not 100 percent protective.  it is also important to get regular tests with your partners. it is hard to get safer than knowing the person you are having sex with is also free of infections and diseases.  and more importantly,


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On “The Canyons” Set with James Deen

On July 31, 2012, in Life, by PornLaw

Once in a while I get to do some thing interesting in my job. Well, interesting to me at least.

I have been on numerous porn sets so that it is almost old hat by now. And usually I refrain from going on set unless its a Will Ryder porn parody set. For a porn production his sets are usually interesting and at least full of performers I know and am friends with. Unless of course I am called to set because LAPD is also there. That has happened more than a few times in my career.

I can happily say there were no LAPD officers on “The Canyons” set today though. Despite the lack of potential criminal prosecution “The Canyon’s’ set was quite interesting. For one basic reason. To watch James Deen become the superstar he is blossoming into.

I have know and represented James for almost the entire time of both of our careers. We basically entered porn at about the same time and knew many of the same people so it wasn’t long until we met. He has always been one of the strongest male performers in the business and I was not at all surprised by his AVN Award for Male Performer of the Year.

I am also not surprised by his the producers of “The Canyons” in choosing James for the role of Christian opposite Lindsay Lohan. What did surprise me was just how loved he was on set. Everyone from the producers down to the gaffer and even interns love James. And why is that ? Because he is not pretentious. He feels just at home hanging out with the crew as he does the other actors or Director Paul Shrader. He really is the “every man” on set and his dedication to the project shows and is apparently appreciated. “Porners” are not always welcome in mainstream. We are often looked at as a curiosity that you don’t want to get too close to. He is doing a tremendous job of being an ambassador for the industry.

I truly am watching the birth of a crossover star. In my humble opinion James will at some point far exceed Ron Jeremey and Jenna Jameson as two of the most notable pornstars in recent history and he may even challenge John Holmes for the all time crown. I have little doubt that in a year you will no longer see the words “pornstar” before or after his name whenever its mention in mainstream press. It will just be “James Deen” and it will stand alone.

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