Initial Consults – “The Legalities of Adult – A through Z”

For those that have no experience in the adult industry, we offer a 3-4 hour comprehensive consultation that covers everything you need to know to get started. As an adult industry attorney for the past 14 years almost 90% of my practice is exclusive to adult industry clients. I have worked with almost every type and size of adult business. I have represented some of the most well known brands in adult as well as brand new producers and performers. No company is too small. Some of the most successful brands started as one person operations.
To be an adult content producer there is much to understand before you can begin production. The adult industry is not like mainstream content production. Due to the nature of the content there are specials laws and regulations that only apply to this industry. Failure to know, understand and abide by them could result in arrest and criminal prosecution.
During the consultation I will cover all of the legal issues you will need to be aware of to start and run an adult production company. Some of the topics I cover include;
  • DMCA and Copyright Law
  • Trademark Law & Federal Registration
  • Right to Publicity and Privacy
  • The Legal Difference Between Porn and Prostitution
  • Workers Compensation Law
  • Liability & Production Insurance
  • 18 USC 2257 and 28 CFR 75.1
  • Registering Domain Names & Cybersquatting
  • Model Release Agreements & other Production Agreements
  • Independent Contract vs. Employee Issues
  • Filming Permits & Condom Permits
  • Recruiting, Hiring and Working with Performers
  • Employment Law Issues
  • Payroll Tax Issues
  • Health, Safety, STD Testing an OSHA Issues
  • Acquiring Credit Card Processing
  • Dealing with User Uploaded Content & the CDA section 230
  • Setting up an Affiliate Program
  • Producing Content in “Grey” States

The consultation will be broken into two – two hour sessions, usually done on separate days. Having the consultation on two separate days will provide time for you to think of questions to ask. Let me assure you that we will cover more that you can imagine. You will need time to process all that will be discussed. The conference call can be done via telephone or Skype.

For more information or to set up a consultation please call our offices or use our email form on our Contact Us page.

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