Michael Grecco & Naked Ambition…

As I said in my post about being on “The Canyons” set with James Deen, sometimes I get to do something really interesting in my job. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I often seize the opportunity. Six years ago I had the opportunity to pose for a photograph be included in a coffee table book. The photograph was to be taken by none other than Michael Grecco. If you dont know who Michael Grecco is you should really visit his website MichaelGrecco.com. He is one of the best photographers in the commercial and entertainment photography business. He has shot mainstream celebrities for the cover of Time, Newsweek and People, as well as others. He also shoots many of the ads you see in those magazines.

Six years ago, while exhibiting at the AVN Convention in Las Vegas, I was approached by Michael to be photographed. He was working on his book and film “Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look at an X Rated Industry” ( http://nakedambition.com/ ). I was minding my own business just standing at my booth when one of his scouts approached me with the unusual question of “so you’re a lawyer to pornstars?” His scout was fascinated with the fact that there was such a person in the business. I was then quickly whisked off the show floor to this tent where Michael was shooting his “subjects.” The whole process lasted less than 10 minutes. What you see posted is the portrait he captured. While the hair may be longer and bit a more gray and the glasses are gone, Michael captured who I was at that moment in time. His ability to capture movement in a still photograph is amazing.

It has taken six years for him to finally send me a print but that’s okay. I will treasure it. I can give him a hard time since in those intervening six years he has become my client and my friend. Thank you Michael Grecco.

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