Performers, Producers & Escorts: Naked in Public? Register as a Sex Offender!

As part of the ABL’s campaign to educate California voters on Proposition 35 here is a video excerpt from Mr. Francisco Lobaco from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) addressing the California Legislature about his concerns how Prop 35 will infringe upon anonymous free speech on the Internet.

Under Proposition 35, anyone convicted of even a minor crime such as indecent exposure, even decades ago, will now be required to register as a sex offender. And as a register sex offender under Proposition 35, that person will now have to inform law enforcement of any name or alias they use in any online discussion group or social media platform within 24 hours of creating such account.

Failure to do so will be either a felony or misdemeanor – depending on what their underlying crime was which required them to register as a sex offender.

Which means if you are a performer or producer, you have to be very aware of the indecent exposure statutes especially if you produce anything outside in public. Sex/nudity in public can be indecent exposure. If caught you could end up as a registered sex offender and be required to tell the police of every screen name and alias you use on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, FOREVER. If Proposition 35 passes you are going to be treated like a child molester. And according to Mr. Lobaco this might even apply to those that were convicted of or even plead guilty to indecent exposure years ago.


2 thoughts on “Performers, Producers & Escorts: Naked in Public? Register as a Sex Offender!

  1. Laws being enforced retroactively seems to be unconstitutional on the grounds of cruel and unusual punishment. If convicted 10 years ago and either time was served or a fine paid to be subjected to further punishment after the fact should be illegal. Hell if u kill a person and the death penalty is instituted u have been tried and convicted they can’t apply that to your sentence


  2. Wow, that’s crazy. A lot of scenes take place outside or in public, which means a lot of performers, directors, etc. could be hurt by this. Let’s hope proposition 35 doesn’t get passed.


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