DMCA Agent Designations Due by Dec 31st !

If you had an DMCA agent designated with the US Copyright Office you must renew your agent designation with the US Copyright Office by December 31st using their new online database registration system. If you do not, your agent designation will no longer be valid and you will lose any protection provided by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).

If you have a website and do not have a DMCA policy and a DMCA agent registered with the US Copyright Office, you need to. If you have a website that allows for anyone to post anything – videos, comments, photos – user generated content (UGC) – this is a must do.

Why do you need a DMCA policy and registered agent ? That will protect you in case of a claim of copyright infringement under the Safe Harbor provisions of the DMCA. See the link for an explanation from the Digital Media Law Project; … er-content

You dont need a lawyer to register an agent, but if you have one you might want to talk to him/her about making sure your agent designation is timely renewed.

Here’s is the letter from the US Copyright Office that you should have received if you had an agent registered under the old manual system.

U.S. Copyright Office Official Notice: Re-Register DMCA Agent in New Electronic System

Dear Designated Agent:
Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) service providers can obtain safe harbor from copyright infringement liability by, among other things, designating an agent to receive notifications of claimed copyright infringement.
You are receiving this email because you are listed as the designated agent for an online service provider in the U.S. Copyright Office’s old, paper-based designation system. In December 2016, the Office introduced an online registration system. As part of the transition to the new system, the Office is requiring that any service provider that designated an agent with the Office in the old paper system must submit a new designation electronically using the online registration system by December 31, 2017 if it wishes to maintain an active designation with the Office. Registration in the new system only costs $6 and only takes a few minutes.
For more information about the new system, please visit From this page you can access the new system to complete the registration process, review answers to frequently asked questions, and watch video tutorials showing how to use the new system.
Please note that any designation made in the old paper-based registration system will only continue to be valid until December 31, 2017, after which it will expire.
If you have already registered in the new electronic system, you can ignore this message.
Please do not reply to this message as it is being sent from an unattended mailbox. If you have any questions, or you do not wish to receive these reminders, please contact the Copyright Office at or (202) 707-1759.
U.S. Copyright Office

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