New Law in Japan: Performers Can Block the Sale of their Scenes after 5 years

ablIt appears that the Japanese adult industry cares for their performers to a much greater degree than the US industry. This seems to be a decision that will allow performers to “move on” from their adult careers without some of the stigma of being on video forever.

In this US this would require that all model releases be completely re-written so that the rights would terminate after 5 years. Now, when a performer signs a release – it is in perpetuity – meaning you have released your rights forever.

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Japan’s Adult Video Human Rights Organization (the successor to the Intellectual Property Promotion Association’s Adult Video Industry Reform and Promotion Advisory Committee) will be asking production and distribution companies to comply with a new guideline allowing actresses to halt the sale of adult videos they have appeared in. Actresses can exercise this option once the film has been commercially available for five years, or five years and six months after the film was recorded. Additionally, companies will also be restricted from using any of the footage in other products, such as pornography omnibus releases should an actress ask for a halt in sales.

“There is a risk that other people will find out about you appearing in an adult video, and there is also a risk of sexually transmitted infection.” Advocates of the new rules assert that many women enter into contracts to appear in adult videos without fully comprehending what the work entails, and so only after the actress receives a through explanation and signs separate forms of understanding and intent will production companies be allowed to enter into a contract with her to film pornographic content.

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