Free Performer Seminar @ AVN/AEE

ablI am considering offering a free legal seminar for performers during AVN/AEE in January in Vegas – if there’s any interest. I do know its a busy show for performers though. Whether you are a cam performer, porn performer, fetish performer, or even a small independent producer – all are welcome. I want to tailor the seminar to what you want to know. An hour is not much time but the I am often asked the same questions by performers. And there are some issues performers are not even aware of – until it is too late.

Some of the topics I am most asked about are;

  • Model Release Agreements – Don’t give away too much!
  • Camsite & Cam Studio Contracts – Can they stop me from working ?
  • Shooting Fetish Content – What’s Legal and What’s Not!
  • Content Trades – You’re Probably Using the Wrong Agreement!
  • 18 USC 2257 – Do I need to use my real address ?
  • Shooting with Your Significant Other – What happens if we break-up ?
  • Work for Hire Agreements – Do you even own your content ?

There are so many issues that you have to be aware of as a performer/producer. This is just the basics. It can be overwhelming whether you are brand new to the industry or are a veteran. Anyone that attends will also receive a packet of my content production documents. (Model Release, Content Trade Release, Work for Hire Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, Location Release and 2257 Document) Usually I sell these for $100 but I will make them available for free – digitally for anyone who attends.

If you are interested in attending please use my Contact Us form and send me your email address so I can add you to the list. If there is enough interest I will find a location and send you the information as to the date/place/time of the seminar. Please feel free to suggest a topic that you may want to have me discuss.

If you can only attend online – please let me know as well. If there is enough interest for streaming the seminar live or recording it – I will try to set that up as well.

I hope to see you in Las Vegas !

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