PornLaw on Bryan Callen’s Podcast


You might be asking so what ? And you might be saying who the hell is Bryan Callen ? Well you might not know him by name but I guarantee that you know his face. Bryan Callen is an extremely funny guy and he is my favorite actor from The Hangover I and II. You might remember him as the wedding chapel owner, Eddie, and Samir the strip club owner in Hangover II. And more importantly, he and I are fellow alumni from the American University in Washington D.C.

So when I got the call to meet him at his home to do his podcast “The Bryan Callen Show” I jumped at the chance to sit down and talk with him about the industry, being a porn lawyer, some of my clients and being married to Vanessa Blue. I obviously wont give away the show but I will link to it once it goes up so you can listen for yourself !

Click here if you want to listen to my interview with Bryan —

And I also have to thank him for the very generous gift he bestowed on me after we were done with taping the podcast. When I told him I had a blog in which I also reviewed different brands of scotch he gave me a bottle of 18 year old Glenmorangie. That my friends is a very expensive bottle of scotch.

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