Got Posters ? No… You need labor law posters…

2018-FedPoster_CatIMGAlmost everyone that has worked a regular job at one point in their life have seen labor and employment law posters in their employer’s break or lunch room. Employers are required by law in all 50 states to post notices such as these.

Even though your company may be an adult content production studio, a cam studio or even a home based business, you are not exempt from posting these notices either at your office/studio or on set – which would be your workplace.

But you’re saying, I don’t have employees, I have independent contractors. The answer to that is – no, you don’t have independent contractors, you have employees. Almost no one is an independent contractor in California. Your attorney, your CPA, your licensed plumber or licensed house painter may be your independent contractor but few others are considered independent contractors in California.

In California employers are required to have notices posted about the following regulations and laws;

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Discrimination Notice
  • Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee
  • Family Care, Medical, and Pregnancy Disability Leave
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • CALOSHA – Health and Safety Protection
  • Access to Medical and Exposure Records
  • EDD Notice to Employees
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Payday Notice
  • Time Off to Vote Notice
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Whistleblower Protection Act
  • California No Smoking Poster
  • Transgender Rights in the Workplace
  • California Minimum Wage
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  • OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection
  • IRS Withholding Notice
  • Anti-Discrimination Notice
  • Payday Notice

And even certain cities and towns in California have their own posting requirements.

The adult industry has their own notice posting requirements. In Los Angeles County, because of Measure B, adult content production studios need to have a poster displayed in regards to the use of condoms by talent.

The good news is that you can buy all of the posters that are required (except the condom notice poster) without the need to contact an employment or labor law attorney. Failure to post these notices can result in fines from various governmental agencies, local, state and federal as well as a diminished ability to defend against certain labor or employment lawsuits.

You can find posters for all 50 states and various cities here;


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