Has the US Senate Held FOSTA to Prevent a Pocket Veto ?

col2_senatefloorWe are now 13 days past the date of the passage of FOSTA, however, there is nothing that indicates FOSTA has become law. Usually, once passed by both the House and Senate, bills are presented to the President for signature unless there is some other work that needs to be finalized before sending it over.

According to Congress.gov, this bill has yet to even be presented to President Trump for his signature as of the time of this article (04/03/18 2:00 pm PDT)


If you read my earlier article, I speculated that on March 29, 2018, that there could be a pocket veto of FOSTA if Trump did not sign it into law by midnight on March 31, 2018.


We are now 3 days past what should have been a deadline for a signature or veto. But yet there is nothing posted on the Congress.gov website indicating that the bill has been signed, vetoed or pocket vetoed. It just sits, unresolved. Since FOSTA passed on March 21, 2018, 24 other bills have been presented to the President and only 3 have yet to become law.

Could Congress have held presenting it to the President for fear of a pocket veto ? I do not know. President Trump, previous to FOSTA’s passage, indicated that he would sign it.

However, on Congress.gov, it fails to show that FOSTA has even been presented to the President for signature;


So what is going on ? It is anyone’s guess at this point… so we wait.

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