Escorts: Why Being a Tour Guide Might be a Bad Idea…

cropped-ablRecently, I have seen many escorts rebranding themselves as anything but an escort. Some are now travel companions (that’s still an escort), some are  massage therapists, some are personal trainers, some are personal shoppers and some are tour guides.

Before you decide to rebrand yourself, you may want to do some research into the municipal codes of the town/city that you live in. Your new chosen professions may require a license. In most major cities, a tour guide or tour operator requires a license. Advertising yourself as a tour guide might be a felony and may attract the attention of the licensed tour guides and operators. However, each city may be different, especially if you are a “touring” tour guide. You might need to licensed in each city as a tour guide.

The same is usually true for massage therapists. Anyone with two hands can give a massage, but in most states/counties/cities, there are requirements to be a massage therapist – usually training from a state licensed school and passing a test to become certified.

Personal trainers seem to be one area where there are no licensing requirements that I can find. Being a personal shopper is another career where I could not find licensing requirements. However, I would strongly suggest that you do your own research into your chosen career as a personal trainer or shopper before advertising yourself as such.

Also, realize while there may be no licensing requirements for trainers or shoppers, there may still be local business licensing requirements that you must comply with.

To quote Shakespeare – “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but just because you don’t call it a rose doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have thorns.

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