UPDATED: April 21st FREE Escort & Performer Seminar – FOSTA and Beyond! – Las Vegas

cropped-ablUPDATED: The FOSTA Seminar will be held on April 21st at 11am and continue to approximately 4pm. The Erotic Museum in Las Vegas has been kind enough to donate their space for the seminar ( https://www.eroticmuseumvegas.com/ ) Thank you to Dr. Victoria Hartmann, Exec. Director of the Museum for her graciousness ( https://twitter.com/DoctorVictoria ) There will be security at the event so everyone can feel secure and I will be catering the lunch.

I have had a lot of questions and push back on why I am not broadcasting this seminar over the Internet. The materials that we will cover and discuss are simply too sensitive at this point in time. And I want those who do attend to be able to speak freely and ask the questions that most concern them. As helpful to the community as a live stream would be, I believe that the community might not fully understand the implications of what is happening and how law enforcement in the US, both local and federal, are waging a war on sex workers. I would not be able to control a live stream and it could easily be recorded and shared with those that are trying to prosecute sex workers.

I strongly suggest to those that are openly discussing FOSTA and online escorting/sex work to do so very carefully, if not at all publicly. Its far too easy for the U.S. government to collect electronic information, why make it easier?

You may want to read this article – https://adultbizlaw.com/2018/04/08/the-recent-8-year-war-on-sex-and-why-you-should-be-paranoid/

If you can make it to Las Vegas next Saturday sign up for the seminar here; (if your information disappears as you more to the next line do not worry, that is just a glitch in the program, just continue and click submit)

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