Taking My FOSTA Seminar On the Road

cropped-ablBased on the success of the FOSTA Seminar in Las Vegas on April 21st, and the generosity of Alia Janine ( http://aliajanine.com/ ) – former pornstar, now student/comedian, I already have the funds to travel to one city relatively close to Las Vegas, to present my comprehensive FOSTA Seminar.

Currently, I am considering Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona as the next two cities. However, I am willing to travel and to present this seminar for free to independent escorts anywhere (within reason). I do not charge for the seminar, however I cannot lose time ($$$) from my practice, provide this seminar for free and pay all of my own travel costs. I would require that my travel costs be paid for by the group that wants me to travel. (Example: 30 escorts would contribute $25-$50 each to offset the travel costs – plane/hotel) My normal hourly rate for this type of seminar is $500 per hour. And this will be a 4 hour seminar ($2000 value). The information you will receive will be well worth it.

The travel costs can also be funded through crowd funding at;


Please be aware, this seminar is only open to independent escorts. And everyone must be screened and verified. Host cities will be determined by the number of potential attendees in each city.

Bring Me to Your City !

Go to my Twitter account – https://twitter.com/pornlaw – and let me know what city you want me to travel to!

Or if you want to remain private fill out the form below and tell me the city you want me to travel to in the comment section (if your information disappears as you more to the next line do not worry, that is just a glitch in the program, just continue and click submit)

You can also email me at michael (at) fattlegal.com

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