Updated: FOSTA Seminar on the Road — Phoenix Arizona – May 18th !

383px-Flag_of_Arizona.svgUPDATE: The FOSTA Seminar will proceed on Friday May 18th from 11am to 4pm at an undisclosed location in Phoenix. If you want to attendee please sign up below. Everyone in attendance must be preregistered and screened.

What will the post FOSTA sex/adult industry look like? Are you concerned, worried or panicked? There is no question that with FOSTA the industry will change. But exactly how it will change is still unknown. But it’s not only FOSTA, there is also MLAT and you also need to be concerned with the CLOUD Act. The future is here, and you should know what it will look like.

To help the community, I am offering a FREE closed seminar to escorts (only) that want to learn about FOSTA and the future. The length of the seminar is open so that everyone will have an opportunity to ask whatever questions they may have. It will be scheduled for Friday, May 18th at an undisclosed location. It will NOT be broadcast on the Internet for obvious reasons.

Please fill out the form below (if your information disappears as you move to the next line do not worry, that is just a glitch in the program, just continue and click submit)

You can also email me at michael (at) fattlegal.com

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