Twitter’s New – Old Rules & Banning Sex Worker Accounts

580b57fcd9996e24bc43c53eI prefer not to write topical articles since they have a limited shelf-life as far as usefulness, but this topic is something that might be related to the passage of FOSTA. With that said, it appears that Twitter might be enforcing its policies somewhat more forcefully than prior to the passage of FOSTA, especially in regards to adult content.

On April 6, 2018, Engadget posted a story about Twitter showing users its rules to discourage abuse. That article mostly had to do with Twitter’s belief that “research shows that people are more likely to honor rules if they can clearly see them.”

Perhaps this is true, perhaps it is not. However, over the past several days, numerous Twitter accounts of sex workers are getting suspended and/or banned for violating Twitter’s rules.

Whether these are new rules, or rules just now being shared publicly, I do not know but they are rather straight forward.

In summary, Twitter does not allow nudity/sex acts in profile or header photos/content. And if you are going to tweet something adult/sexual, you should mark that tweet as being sensitive. Failure to do can result in a suspension/ban. You can read the specific requirements below.

Overall, I am not at all surprised by Twitter’s recent trend to suspend/ban/enforce. In light of FOSTA, I would expect many of the mainstream sites where sex workers advertise to impose similar restrictions or just to ban sex worker account profiles completely due to potential civil liability under FOSTA. FOSTA isn’t just about criminal enforcement, but it also allows lawsuits to be filed against various social media platforms and websites. The day after FOSTA was signed, the first civil lawsuit was amended to include FOSTA causes of actions.

Always remember, when you eat off someone’s plate (platform) they have the ability to take away that plate and the food. Be smart, educate yourself and develop your own traffic.



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